Cipher Seeker Escape Room Adventures


Your team is the only hope to save the world from mass destruction. You must enter an abandoned missile silo and find a way to disable a rogue computer system attempting to lock in a launch code. As each minute passes, another piece of the code is locked in. Can your team successfully shut down the system before the battery of missiles is launched? This room is family friendly and just updated.

This is an “easier” room, suitable for younger players or people new to escape rooms. Experienced players should give it a try too because it still only has a 40% success rate…

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Best Time: 33:14

Dr. Jones’ Study

You have 1 hour to break into the office of THE greatest archeologist, the world has ever known, and get a jump on him to score the next precious artifact. Do you have what it takes to accomplish the task?

This room is more difficult. It requires outside the box thinking and attention to detail and nuances. This room is suitable for new and experienced players.

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Best Time: 46:48

The Hustle – Marlena’s Game

Welcome to Marlena’s game, the HOTTEST and most DANGEROUS underground poker game in town. Do you have what it takes to get into the game and collect what is yours before getting caught. BELIEVE me, you DO NOT want to get caught by these guys!!!

Our NEW room is a challenge even for experienced players. You really need to pay attention to how everything links together. You will also get fewer hints. If you are new to escape rooms, don’t be afraid, you can still have a lot of fun in this room.

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Best Time: 41:36

Gift Certificates

Do you know someone that likes escape rooms? Give them a gift certificate and see if they can escape. Is there someone you don’t like? Give them a gift certificate and hope they can’t escape. Gift certificates… good for friends and foes alike!

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