New article, this time with us

We were interviewed for an article for the Suburban News. For those not from around here, the Suburban News is a northern NJ paper that is published regionally with local town stories. There are different versions of it, each covering a few towns. I know we were in the Waldwick area edition, I think we might have been in all versions for the Bergen County area. If you get the Suburban News, the article is on page 27, first page of the Entertainment section. At least it is for the Waldwick edition, I’ll have to see if I can track down a copy of a different edition to see where it is in the others (and confirm that it really ran in all of them, but the writer told me it was supposed to). has a copy of the article online for anyone that wants to read it and doesn’t live in an area of NJ that gets the Suburban News. The captions are a little screwed up on the online version. The first picture is me in the control room, the caption on that picture goes with the 2nd picture and the caption on the 2nd goes with the 3rd picture. It is actually pretty obvious the captions are on the wrong pictures and which ones they really go with, so it isn’t really an issue.

It was fun being interviewed. It was also difficult to figure out how to get usable pictures without giving away anything in the room. That is part of why there were no pictures inside our Framed room, it was just too easy to accidentally give something away in that room. It also didn’t help that the room was not officially open yet when we were interviewed 🙂

Thanks go out to Brian Aberback for interviewing us and writing the article!

Read the story here